Available REST APIs Available REST APIs

  • Profile & Social Networking: get profile and anagraphic information or boost your content's reach by making it easy for people to share it on Virtual Research Environments (VREs).  Get started
  • Information System: learn how to interact with resources hosted in the Infrastructure and its Virtual Research Environments (VREs). Get started
  • Workspace (Storage Hub): learn how to browse, upload and download user's workspace files and folders.  Get started
  • Resource Catalogue (gCat): learn how to publish and search collections of metadata for items including data, services, and related information objects.  Get started

Spatial Data Infrastructure Spatial Data Infrastructure

offers standard-based services for managing spatial datasets and associated metadata:


Authorization Framework Authorization Framework

The Authorization framework is a token based authorization system. This framework is compliant with the Attribute-based access control (ABAC) that defines an access control paradigm whereby access rights are granted to users through the use of policies which combine attributes together.

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Develop on top of D4Science Develop on top of D4Science

There are three modalities of integration available for Community Services in D4Science:

  • Gold: the higher level of integration, the infrastrucure provides the Community Service with authentication, authorization, monitoring and accounting. However the Service must be written in Java and run over an authorised Web Container (SmartGears).
  • Silver: run the Community Service on any platform and use an User Token. You can contact D4Science services and can perform operations on behalf of the users, you are responsible for the platform hosting your service.
  • Bronze: run the Community Service on any platform and use an Application Token. You can contact D4Science services but cannot perform operations on behalf of the users, you are responsible for the platform hosting your service..

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Methods Engine / Data Miner Methods Engine / Data Miner

  • Implement custom Methods/Algorithms for DataMiner: learn how to implement custom Methods/Algorithms for DataMiner  Learn more
  • DataMiner Manager: learn how to interact with DataMiner Manager Web interface to interact with the gCube Data Miner service and execute your custom Methods/Algorithms on the Cloud.  Learn more
  • Interact with the DataMiner via Web Processing Service (WPS): learn how to interact with DataMiner Service via the OpenGISĀ® Web Processing Service (WPS), an Interface Standard providing rules for standardizing inputs and outputs.  Learn more
  • Methods Engine Facilities: discover the features, services and methods for performing data processing and mining on information sets. Algorithms or Methods are executed in parallel and possibly distributed fashion, using the same D4Science nodes as working nodes. Learn more

Sign in with D4Science Sign in with D4Science

Make it convenient for your users to sign in with D4Science credentials. By using the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol we allow an application to access D4Science data while protecting the member's credentials.